Made to Measure

Naturally so, editions hommes offers a made-to-measure service, and a comprehensive one at that. Our service not only caters to a variety of ocular needs but creates the opportunity to select the colour of your favourite frame from a variety of marvelous horn tints, hues and shades – a palette that we carefully composed over time and now a halmark of the collection – offered by means of an exclusive collection horn samples that we realised in close collaboration with the artisans of Hoffmann Eyewear.

A line of classic, timeless styles made available through a comprehensive made-to-measure service.

Crafted to specific needs in the colour of choice, one can rest assured that a pair of editions hommes handcrafted horn glasses, be they sun or optical, will indeed be an eyepiece to be cherished and enjoyed for many years

For our made-to-measure service, we exclusively work with genuine buffalo horn.
Genuine buffalo horn is arousing to the gaze and seamless to the touch – a marvel to behold.
Each spectacle guaranteed to last a lifetime, customized and tailored to the wearer and their visual needs.