editions hommes is an Amsterdam-Paris based niche label that produces artisanal accessories, specialising in the creation of impeccably crafted eyewear and small leather goods.

Drawing on the wide variety of styles, traditions, places and cultures available to us today, its founders discreetly sustain their commitment to classic simplicity and elegance. Qualities of a precious aesthetic that makes traditionally crafted objects to captivate us indefinitely with their forthright unison of texture and colour, sensual finish, and fair display of purpose.

For us the icons of the past are the inspiration for future possibilities.

Driven by the desire to share, we at editions hommes seek to engage in collaborations that arise naturally from the belief in the power of creative energy to shape both objects and lives.

The rare, collectible pieces resulting from such collaborative efforts are the very reward of it, for they not only allow us to broaden our offering occasionally with limited editons and one-off pieces, but essentially to share our passion once more.

We at editions hommes embrace an array of influences and continue to seek to respectfully infuse these inspirations into all we make. Exceptional, handcrafted accessories that crucially offer a relationship with our label going forward.

For the man, for the woman, for all whom quality is self-evident. For those whose passion it is to share. Style, talent and imagination.

editions hommes' Chabrol