editions hommes is a niche label specialized in the creation of artisanal eyewear and leather accessories, combining a keen sense for classic simplicity and elegance with genuine craftsmanship.

editions hommes is intuitive. Curious and playful by nature, its obsession has long been the traditional arts that lie at the heart of French, Italian and Japanese culture.

With an unrelenting zeal for these vital arts, we endeavour not only to create impeccably crafted spectacles and leather accessories, but to engage in collaborations that arise naturally from the believe in the power of creative energy.

To make and offer exquisite collectibles that last a lifetime. Crafted by hand from only natural materials by world-class artisans and with commitment to tradition, diversity and our shared future.

For the man, for the woman, for all whom quality is self-evident. For those who find joy in sharing style, taste and imagination.

editions hommes creates a refined and balanced collection of classic, timeless styles in a unique palette of genuine horn hues with discreet branding and subtle motifs.

Impeccably crafted frames, either offered as ready to wear sun and optical or tailored to specific measurements in the colours, tints and gradients of choice.

An essential collection reflecting the confident narrative of the label – with the Malaparte tapping into stylistic statements of the past, while paying tribute to more contemporary silhouettes with the Antibes – touching on grace with the Roman and on charm with the Savoye – collectible pieces that naturally infuse the cachet of classic elegance with attitude.

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